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Dental Implants

Our team of fine Dentists performs the dental implant procedure very meticulously and methodically.
At OA Kridges North Dental Clinic, we have designated a well-trained team who handles the surgical processes involved in the procedure very professionally. That all is done by proper mapping and planning of the procedure and discussing the risks involved and how can those be minimized. Proper hygiene is maintained before, during and after the process.
Also, we make use of top of the line dentistry tools, equipment, and technology for all dental implant procedures.

The Steps Involved:

Conducting a Dental Implant is a multipart process which requires multiple sittings:

  • Firstly the damaged/broken/injured tooth is removed off from the gums
  • Making the area clean to perform bone grafting on the jaw further
  • Furthermore, the dental implant is fixed

To get a dental implant done one needs to be cautious and watchful about the dental care. But it is one of the best and long term options to restore missing teeth over bridges or crowns, as implants nearly look and function as close as the original teeth.

Who are eligible for Dental Implants?

  • Any healthy individual having good gum and jaw health can undergo Dental Implants.
  • People having chronic diseases like Diabetes, Heart diseases etc. need to be assessed and evaluated first so that risk factor could be considered.

Is it painful method?

Dental Implant procedure is always pre-assessed and pre-planned and in most cases, local anesthesia is used. It does not involve much pain or discomfort rather it’s less painful than a tooth extraction. After the process, mild soreness can be taken care of by mild pain killer medicines prescribed by a dentist.

Care of Dental Implants:

A Proper dental regime is required to be followed for dental Implants. That includes dental floss, regular brushing of the teeth, use of mouthwash and regular dental visits.

Why choose us?

At Oak Ridges North Dental Office provides the best procedure for dental implants in Richmond Hill area. Give us a call at 905-773-7773 to book your appointment for free dental assessment.

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