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Periodontal Treatment

Your supporting bone around your teeth and gums are…

What is a Periodontal Treatment?

Periodontal is broadly a mild form of gum disease wherein the gums are swollen and they may bleed as well. It is called gingivitis BUT in this mild form of the disease, there isn’t any loss of bone or soft tissue.
The treatment for curing the gum disease to control the infection by cleaning methods like scaling, surgical methods, change of behavioral patterns and by using antibiotic medicines is referred to as a Periodontal treatment.

What are the Symptoms to Identify a Gum Disease?

  • Bad Breath or also known as (Halitosis)-in which bad breath doesn’t go away even after brushing the teeth regularly.
  • Swollen gums
  • Bleeding from the gums
  • Sensitivity in the teeth
  • Pain while chewing the food
  • Gums get weaker and start receding and hence the teeth appear longer

Can periodontal issues be cured completely?

  • Yes, If the oral cavity cleanliness is maintained properly by brushing and flossing the teeth regularly and keeping the teeth clean.

How can we avoid the periodontal disease?

  • First and foremost is to brush your teeth twice daily.
  • To remove the plaque from the teeth, dental floss should be used.
  • Always keep a mouthwash handy when you don’t have access to the brush. Use a mouthwash after every meal.
  • Regular dental checkups are a must.

If all these are followed regularly without fail, you will not fall prey to the gum problems.

How we take care of the Periodontal issues?

At Oak Ridges North Dental Office we first diagnose the problem using diagnostic tools such as X-Ray etc to ascertain bone loss, then we lay down a plan of action to be followed by discussing it with the patient. Our specialized team approaches it methodically. It is very essential to use sterilized dental tools to conduct the procedure as at any cost infection should not increase due to negligence.

At our clinic, we give top priority to sterilization and hygiene. We do not compromise on the quality.

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